Frequently Asked Questions

We value clients that want to build a long-term relationship over a period of many years, and will steadfastly work with us and stay in close contact to meet their short, intermediate, and long-term financial goals. This is the type of relationship that we find to be the most mutually beneficial for all parties involved. If that is the type of relationship you are looking for, we might be a fit. If you did not realize this kind of partnership existed or was offered by financial service professionals, then you might want to consider it, and your current advisor may not even offer it. We have found repeatedly that engaged clients do better and save more than those who utilize financial professionals occasionally in a more transactional manner.

I have integrated every scope of service possible to accommodate each client’s unique needs, and how they want to work with us.

I am not looking for a quick commission, but rather a long-term partnership that is centered on a collaborative and ongoing engagement with clients and their other advisors to maximize the value they receive from their savings, investments, insurance, and planning, with strict confidentiality, flexibility, and accountability along the way.

Our results are based on your goals and how quickly and efficiently we can help you achieve them, not the latest and greatest product pitch or account performance.

We are transparent, unbiased, and offer thoughtful insight and action items throughout a multitude of areas, from helping you understand how your current financial products actually work, what they provide, and what you might be missing, to how you can minimize your taxes and maximize your overall investment strategy.

We are a 21st century advisory practice utilizing best in class software for financial planning and investment advisory, but are equally comfortable with a pen and yellow pad for those who are not as technologically proficient.

If you value advice that is unbiased and puts your interests first under the fiduciary standard of care, it's important that you invest in it. Our business model offers two ways to place us in a fiduciary position as your Investment Advisor: 1) Fee for financial planning advice and 2) Fiduciary Investment Advisory, sometimes called AUM (assets under management).

You can also receive unbiased, impartial, non-product specific advice from us by hiring us to conduct a thorough analysis of your personal financial economy, your goals, and what it will take to achieve them. These recommendations will be consistent with your best interests as required for Registered Representatives.

Yes in my role as a Registered Representative I am required to act as a fiduciary to my clients when making recommendations regarding qualified plan accounts. In my role as an Investment Advisory Representative I am a required to act as a fiduciary to my clients at all times.

We possess more than 10 years of experience in the business and are entirely self-made. We didn't find success through a network of wealthy friends and family, but rather through hard work and dedication, building the practice from scratch. With Nautilus affiliation, MDRT membership, and thousands of meetings with families, professionals, and business owners, we have the tools and qualifications necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Matt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ CFP® PROFESSIONAL and recognizes and abides by the strict duties, obligations, and practice standards outlined by the CFP Board in how he serves his clients and the profession of financial planning.

Our Expertise

Preserving and growing your financial wealth requires sound counsel and expertise in a number of areas, and Williams Wealth Strategies can offer you and your family a broad range of services.

Financial Planning Services*

Williams Wealth Strategies designs and implements a variety of comprehensive accumulation and retirement income plans, which include insurance products, investment programs ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to mutual funds, and access to third-party wealth management programs. We offer a consistent process to ensure appropriate management of investment assets according to your risk tolerance and investment goals. We then monitor your plan on a continual basis, and adjust and evolve as your needs change.

  • Income Tax Strategy
  • Investment Management
  • Wealth Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Life and Disability Insurance

*Financial Planning is offered through Matt Williams' affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.

Future Protection

We help you identify financial strategies and retirement income plans that can help you accumulate assets for the future, shield your business and personal assets from liabilities, and safeguard asset transfer to your children. Additionally, we can assess the impact of state and federal taxes on your estate, and suggest strategies designed to minimize those taxes, while aligning with your personal philosophies and family needs.

  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • College Funding
  • Debt Management
  • Life and Disability Insurance

You put your heart and soul into your business and now it is one of your most valuable assets. We’ll help you assign a number to that value and recommend tactics to protect it and ensure its viability well into the future. Your employees are a component of your business value and we can suggest a variety of benefit packages to help you retain key employees and attract new ones.

  • Business Succession and Exit Planning
  • Executive Benefits
  • Valuation Assistance

You will work with me directly with the support of my Strategic Resources that vary depending on which area of planning we are engaged in. Learn more on our resources page.

Typically, more communication and meetings are needed for new clients, as we onboard, open accounts, clarify strategy, and implement tactics. This could mean four to six meetings over a period of six to nine months for a first-year planning client, with a decent amount of emailing and phone contact as well. In most cases, once clients become established throughout their second year and beyond, we can maintain and accomplish our objectives with quarterly contact and phone/email contact as needed for items throughout the year. At a minimum, we should see all of our clients once per year to review progress and stay abreast of any major changes in goals, financial resources, employment, family additions, and other life events.

Our typical first-year fee ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. The fee we charge will depend on your current net income (take home pre-tax), net worth, depth and breadth of planning areas to be explored, and other factors. For clients that have a minimum of $300,000 of assets with us, we offer a comprehensive financial plan and updates at no additional cost, subject to certain exceptions and restrictions.

As an Investment Advisor Representative, I must place my client’s interests ahead of my own, which includes providing the material facts about potential conflicts of interest and disclosing the various capacities that I may be acting in on behalf of the client. These can include Investment Advisor Representative, Registered Representative, and agent.

When planning has been done and products need to be purchased that we cannot be directly compensated for by the client, such as life or disability insurance or annuities, I, like any other advisor, have a short list of preferred, go-to vendors. The fiduciary planning services, investment advisory services, access to the Nautilus Group for my clients’ behalf and added value that brings, is in part reliant on my staying in good standing with these preferred relationships. In other words, as financial planning will almost always lead to a need for financial products, the firms I am affiliated with most closely will get a shot at the business. It just so happens that the firms I choose to affiliate with and place business with bring the highest possible financial strength ratings, integrity, and customer service to the table as an extension of the holistic service I provide.