Ten Fun Facts

  1. Matt lives in central Austin with his wife Alison, daughter Amelia, and son Quinn.  He enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, enjoying live music, golfing, travelling and fishing.

  2. Matt earned a Bachelor of Music Performance in Classical Guitar from the University of Texas School of Music, College of Fine Arts in 2001. He studied in Quebec in the summers of 1998 and 1999 and competed there in an international guitar competition.

  3. Matt has played music since age 6, starting with the piano and moving to the guitar at age 13.

  4. Matt plays classical, jazz, electric and acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar, and 10 string E9 Pedal Steel guitar.

  5. Matt ran bands in Austin for several years where he composed all of the music, booked and marketed all performances, and managed personnel.

  6. Matt has become an avid golfer in the last couple of years.

  7. Although he has spent his lifetime in the Southern United States, Matt was born in Providence, Rhode Island.

  8. If asked "beach, mountain, or lake" Matt will always reply "beach," although due to his current land-locked status in Austin, Texas, that answer might often change to "golf course."

  9. Although he is a UT Longhorn alum, because Matt grew up in Baton Rouge, he has been to more LSU football and basketball games than UT games.

  10. Matt has been fly fishing in some of the country's premier freshwater locations.